Invitation to the exhibition of old objects

Invitation to the exhibition of old objects

The Room rental club ‘’Pronnoi’’ invites you on August 12th instead of Poros. You can see and ask questions to Mr. Haralambos Makris who will lead us to an exhibition rich in antiques in another era, such as the first means of radio communication Morse, radios, Phonographs, tools, toys, etc., which brings us back to the good old days.

Some will see objects that awaken old memories.

For young people, who have never seen a period of high technology.

You will be amazed to see our friend, Charalambos Makris happy to guide us through an incredible discovery, which has received over the years. Installed in 20 tables and in excellent condition.

We will have the opportunity to see the 12th of August in 19,30

ep / President George Metaxas. pr  Margarita. Vavasi

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